Validus $200 Million In Sales

Tracey Burgess

Jan 20, 2023

Validus Appoints Tracey Burgess As VP Of Oceania

Network marketing has been around for over a century now. Still, it’s not often that you hear of a company like Validus. This disruptive startup is witnessing unprecedented growth in its first year of operation.

The company has seen a meteoric rise in revenue, going from $10 million in sales to $200 million, all within a year, a truly remarkable achievement.

Organic growth of this magnitude is rare, even within the MLM realm. However, it is very indicative of the company’s leadership and innovative approach.

Validus has over 1500% growth.

Validus’s unique approach to building a network is one of the key elements of its success. Instead of relying on a few key performers to drive the company’s revenue, Validus has built a large and diverse network of skilled distributors who can generate significant revenue. This has been achieved through training and development, a comprehensive and lucrative compensation plan, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Avengers Assemble

President Mansour Tawafi recognised early that each market is different. Every market has its own unique set of nuances which makes it tick. With this in mind, he put a plan together for a framework that required appointing continental VPs who would act as the architect and support system for their specific region.

Starting with his trusted appointees of the Latin American and European VPs Amador Ramirez and Hicham Laarej, today that team has grown to cover the African and Oceana continents by Dani Balogun and Tracey Burgess, while Asos Harsin has been added to the team to assume the role of VP of Global Leadership.

To ‘Innovation’ and Beyond

Validus’s agile and dynamic nature to adapt and innovate to truly serve its community has been pivotal to the company’s climb to the top. The organisation has been able to stay ahead of the curve by introducing a new partner, V Mastery, whose growing range of products and services is designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

However, the company will continue with plans to invest heavily in technology and automation. The organisation has implemented cutting-edge tools and systems that have streamlined operations, reduced costs and improved overall performance. Validus has also invested significantly in branding, and digital marketing, using data and analytics to optimise its online presence and reach.

The company demonstrates a level of fearlessness and self-deprecation that is beyond the scope of any other MLM company. Most network marketing entities are eager to keep their leaders focused solely on the company’s activities and look to instil tremendous brand loyalty. President Mansour Tawafi acknowledges that while Validus offers an avenue for growth and development, it is not the only one.

His desire to leave behind MLM’s cult-like operation has led to Validus readily exposing its top-tier leaders to accomplished international business personalities and millionaires to expand their horizons.

The idea is to grant them access to mentors and coaches that can aid and guide them to opportunities outside the network marketing world. This liberal and generous approach to prioritising the needs of the network before its own has inspired a new level of loyalty that has sparked an unprecedented wave of momentum.

One of the most impressive aspects of Validus’ growth is its ability to maintain its momentum quarter after quarter. Despite the past year’s challenges, the company has consistently posted substantial numbers, with its fourth-quarter performance being particularly noteworthy. This is a testament to the company’s strong leadership and ability to build a resilient and sustainable business model. The company’s consistent performance is also reflected in the Business for Home Momentum Table, which currently sits at a very high position.

Looking forward, Validus is well-positioned for continued success. With a solid and expansive network, a culture of continuous improvement, a commitment to innovation and automation, and a focus on staying ahead of market changes, the company is poised to continue growing its revenue and expanding its customer base.

About Validus

Validus is a Network Marketing company dedicated to marketing a membership model that gives access to valuable information in different subject areas and industries for the development of the individual, as well as the know-how to take advantage of trends in markets and new forms of technology.

Validus’ primary function is to educate people who are underserved by financial institutions globally.

We believe that financial literacy is the key difference maker and provides a strong foundation for individuals to take control of their personal economy and work towards a better future. For more information please visit

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