Step into the Validus world and be part of an empowering community within a solid international network that forms a thriving ecosystem where all can experience growth, development and success.

We understand that having multiple income streams is becoming increasingly important in today's ever-changing world and the overwhelming worldwide economic instability.

That’s where we come in, maybe not to save the day, but to offer you a way into our exclusive membership programme that provides you with all the knowledge, tools and connections you need to learn, earn & benefit both personally and professionally.


In this ever-changing business landscape, we believe in acquired knowledge, upskilling and reskilling as means to succeed and develop, continuously adapting to changes and adopting cutting-edge methods to stay ahead of the game, creating a solid foundation for a buzzing, thriving community.


To create a community of successful individuals who are committed to personal and career growth by providing exclusive members from every corner of the globe with the resources they need to achieve their goals and help them build a sustainable income stream for a well-anticipated future. We call it “NETWORK MARKETING.”



As a Validus member, you'll have access to our partner, Vmastery, a cutting-edge learning platform offering a growing selection of courses focused on Business Development, Leadership, Forex, Blockchain, Wealth Management and more.


You’ll have the opportunity to connect with mentors that will guide you throughout your journey to becoming a highly skilled individual with the know-how to make informed business decisions and achieve your short and long-term goals, starting with an optional offer to add an additional income stream to your wallet.

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Our revolutionary loyalty program, Vewards, will change the way you experience Validus.


As an active member of Validus, you'll automatically qualify for Vewards and begin collecting reward points each week. These points can accumulate over time, allowing you to redeem them for exciting perks such as additional membership tiers or gifting them to other members. As the Validus ecosystem develops, additional features will be added.

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From building your network connection with experts, coaches and like-minded individuals to earning perks and bonuses along the way, there is no limit to improvement, self-development and growth.

At Validus, we believe in a sustainable ecosystem that creates opportunities, preserves wealth and drives progress, offering exponential development in ranks, rewards and bonuses, all depending on your Membership Tier and the effort put in to climb the ladder of success.

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We believe that by fostering a sense of solidarity among our members, we can help them achieve more than they ever could alone.


We believe that by giving individuals the power to take control of their lives, they can achieve their personal and professional goals and live the life they want.

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We believe in the power of education and are committed to providing our members with the knowledge and tools they need to stay ahead of their game.


We believe that everyone should have access to business education and support, regardless of their background or experience level.


Our network has attracted a diverse and talented team from around the globe, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to the table. This international representation allows us to stay ahead of the curve and truly understand the needs of global markets.

Our team is composed of some of the most sought-after talents in the industry, and we are confident that with their skills and dedication, we will be able to reach our goals and continue sustaining our ecosystem.

Join our life-changing membership programme.